Our society is hungry for a real conversation about what it takes to always build up and not tear down to honor the dignity of others.

What is takes to support, take care of, and protect someone in need. In other words: to show courageous leadership.

What is takes to create cultures of integrity that provide workability, performance, and trust.

Mike Dilbeck is the one to bring out these conversations and to raise them to a new level.

He's not a therapist. He's not a psychologist. He's not an academician. He's a filmmaker-turned-advocate who works with people to honor the dignity of every human, show courageous leadership, and operate with integrity. He is just a real human being leading a real conversation designed to inspire us, empower us, and move us to action.

There are several programs to create a conversation with your campus, community or company. While these are topics suitable for any age group and all roles in life, Mike will work with you to customize this message based on the demographics of your audience.

Three Related but Distinct Topics


We must always honor the inherent value and worth of every human. We must empower ourselves to lift people up rather than tear them down. We must honor the dignity of others...and ourselves.

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We must have a new form of leadership — courageous leadership — where we empower others to stand up, step in, and speak out on behalf of others, letting them know that they matter...because they do.

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We must always operate with integrity as our access to greater efficiency, performance, and trust. Discover a whole new relationship to integrity and doing what you said you will do...no matter what!

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"My only disappointment about Mike's keynote is that every employee of Pepsico wasn't able to hear it!"

Tom Greco
CEO of Pepsico/Frito Lay North America

"Having Mike return for a third year in a row should be a testament to how much we love him. He is extraordinary and you could not ask for a better experience with a speaker — we plan on bringing him back as long as he is speaking!"

Mike Taberski
Dean of Students

"Mike was a strong keynote for eight of our events around the country to more than 1700 of our members. From the nearly 700 evaluations, 92.2% ranked Mike’s keynote as ‘excellent’ or ‘good.’ Mike was able to deliver this message in a delicate yet powerful manner to our members."

Krystal Slivinski
Executive Director for Alpha Sigma Alpha

"Mike Dilbeck can hold a room as well as anyone I have ever seen!"

Dave Louthan
Bank of America Chicago Marathon
Top 10 Reasons to Book Mike:

  1. Strong focus on courageous leadershipethics, responsible decision-making, dignity and integrity.
  2. Leaves your audience empowered and ready to shift behaviors and take actions.
  3. Reveals a need your audience members don't even know they have — and then meets this need.
  4. Meets this need by providing the audience with up to five of the ten essential elements of dignity, the three approaches for showing courageous leadership, or ways they can true up three spokes of integrity in the organization or company (you choose the spokes).
  5. Gets the audience thinking right out of the gate and creates a powerful frame of mind for your meeting or conference.
  6. Reinforces your theme and empowers your audience to go back to their communities and take actions to make a difference.
  7. Actively involves your audience through live polling and short answers (not available for all keynotes).
  8. Presents a universal message — customized to your specific group.
  9. Combines real, compelling stories with practical knowledge and opportunities for action.
  10. Totally committed to making the meeting planner (that’s you!) the hero of your event!

Hear what conference attendees and planners have to say about Mike...


You will say the same about working with Mike!

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