Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mike different?

Mike is a real guy talking real about courage, dignity and integrity. He is not an academic researcher, psychologist, psychiatrist or social scientist — he is a filmmaker-turned-advocate who has become passionate about these topics and making them available for the world. Mike gives each person the opportunity to "connect the dots" of his message to the respective aspects of their life. Your audience will not feel talked down to or have to deal with anything too "heady" and hard to understand. Mike has designed a very easy-to-comprehend message that every single human being can relate to. There is literally not one human being that cannot benefit from Mike's message. While he can certainly customize a message for the specific needs of your school, organization, community or company, each person will also be able to take this message into every single aspect of their lives.


Can Mike tailor his message for our group?

YES! Mike will work with you to create a customized message to meet any specific needs and demographic requirements of your audience. While there are three standard keynotes designed, he can specifically address the respective needs and goals of your group.


What are the best ways to use Mike?

Use Mike to empower those in your community who are not causing the problems but also not standing up to those who are and/or make the choice in every interaction to honor the dignity of another person. Use Mike to clarify integrity and help bring it into your culture. Mike is primarily a keynote speaker on courageous leadership (bystander empowerment), dignity, and integrity. He is also a trainer and facilitator for programs within RESPONSE ABILITY and DignityU. Mike prefers that you use him for various programs while you have him -- not just for one keynote. He is available for conversations to create powerful training and development opportunities for your audience members. Mike is available for any size audience and has spoken to as many as 3,000 people at one time. Try him — challenge him — partner with him! He is ready to create something that meets your specific needs.


What will it cost us to bring Mike to speak?

Mike does not publish his fees here so that he can work directly with you to best meet your needs. No matter the fee, unless negotiated differently, it will be all-inclusive of all expenses (travel, meals, tips, etc.). You will not have to wonder what the eventual total cost will be — the fee that is agreed upon is what you will pay.


Is there a Q&A session in the keynote?

Each standard keynote is not designed for a Q&A session. If you would like a separate Q&A and/or audience discussion session, Mike can certainly work this out with you.


What AV requirements does Mike have?

There is nothing out of the ordinary required. Mike prefers to have a wireless lavaliere (or over-the-ear) microphone and needs to be able to show a PowerPoint presentation with music and video sound. Therefore, he needs either a VGA or HDMI connector to a projector, along with an appropriately-sized screen for the size of the audience.


What logistical arrangements make for the best presentation?

It really depends on the size of the group; however, make sure you have enough space and chairs for each anticipated audience member. Also, make sure that each person can see the projection screen —the AV portion of Mike's keynote is a critical and powerful part of his program. If possible, make sure there will be limited interruptions (outside noise, etc.) for the room.


To book Mike, should I call him directly or work with a speakers bureau?

Mike has quality and valued relationships with the speakers bureaus he works with and asks that you use your favorite bureau, if you have one, to book him. However, if you do not currently work with a speakers bureau, feel free to call him directly at +1 773.484.9072 or click the button below.


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