As we interact, we have the choice to either build someone up or tear them down — to honor or violate their inherent value and worth...

When dignity is honored, shaming is not an option.

When dignity is honored, workplace bullying is not an option

When dignity is honored, hazing is not an option.

When dignity is honored, sexual violence is not an option.

When dignity is honored, abuse is not an option.

When dignity is honored, discrimination is not an option.

When each of us is born, our glass of dignity is full.
As kids, we are full of joy and full of confidence.
We know ourselves as valuable and worthy.
There is nothing we can't or won't do.
Then, life happens.


We all come into the world equally valuable and worthy — and equally invaluable for our uniqueness. Regardless of background and capabilities, we share an innate need to be valued, acknowledged, listened to, treated fairly, and accepted for who we are. When we are not valued as such, we feel anger and frustration, often lashing out in exactly the wrong way to achieve the very thing we need and crave. Many of the world’s ills are rooted in this disconnect between what we need, what we do, and what we get in return. 
As we confront inappropriate, abusive, and even violent behaviors on our campuses, in our companies, and in our society, there is always a violation of someone's dignity at play — someone is left feeling less valuable and less worthy as a result. Each time, their glass of dignity is a little less full — they have less life, less joy, and less confidence. 
In every interaction, we have the choice to honor or violate someone’s dignity. We have the choice to lift someone up or tear someone down. We have the choice to empty or fill their glass.

Keynote Program: Building Up or Tearing Down

In this powerful and inspiring keynote speech, Mike empowers us to make the decision in every interaction to honor the dignity of another person — to build them up and not tear them down with our actions and our words.

With The Creed for Dignity (above) as his foundation, Mike uses personal stories and videos to define and create a keen awareness of dignity and its impact on others. The key take-aways from this keynote are the ten essential elements of dignity as distinguished by Dr. Donna Hicks, renowned expert on the subject and consultant to DignityU.

It is time to educate and empower ourselves — and others — to always make the right choice and honor dignity.

Crystal and Cole, the co-hosts for the DignityU online program, introduce you to "The Ten Essential Elements of Dignity" as presented in Mike's keynote.


Let Mike Bring These Elements to Your Audience


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