RESPONSE ABILITY believes in our ability to respond to any social situation by going beyond our fear and shame to show courageous leadership in momentary choices — In organizations. In business. In community. In life. — For colleagues. For family. For friends. For strangers.

RESPONSE ABILITY is a movement. A movement away from the shame and regret we all feel from being a passive bystander to any injustice or wrongdoing. A movement towards a whole new world where we are standing up, stepping in, and speaking out against inappropriate, abusive, or unhealthy behaviors — from others and from ourselves.

RESPONSE ABILITY is a creed — 20 lines, 174 words of empowerment. A collection of commitments. A declaration that gives us life and represents the difference we are out to make in this world. A set of words that calls on each of us to be bigger.

RESPONSE ABILITY is a community of ordinary people who act as catalysts for extraordinary change. A massive change in the way people treat and support each other. The kind of change that creates a world of security, acceptance and belonging. Of respect, fairness and dignity for all. Of people knowing that they matter — that each of us matters.

RESPONSE ABILITY is an evolving collection of educational and empowerment programs designed to give us what we need to access our core commitments and take action to make this difference. A blend of leadership, bystander intervention and dignity training. A body of work based on existing theoretical research and distinguished by Mike's own approach and perspectives.

RESPONSE ABILITY moves us past our shame and fear to give us permission to go from passive to powerful — to show courageous leadership!

Keynote Program: A Call for Courageous Leadership

There is leadership and then there's courageous leadership.

In this powerful keynote program, Mike is helping individuals from all walks of life understand how seizing upon an opportunity to act can dramatically change their community and allow them to demonstrate courageous leadership — for others, for organizations and for issues. He shares real stories to frame the discussion.

Many of today’s problem behaviors — bullying (on the playground and in the workplace), sexual violence (including harassment), fraud, corruption, alcohol/drug abuse, discrimination, and other behaviors — have witnesses. Many situations have those who see it or hear it…and do nothing. Or, don't do enough. Many times, there are bystanders who are disempowered and scared — fears of retaliation and of sacrifice to quality of life, social stature, or well-being take over. Shame consumes us and determines what we will and will not do.

Mike is leading a movement to meet this critical need. He provides the audience with three approaches to showing courageous leadership with customized examples for each. Your audience will leave educated, empowered and challenged to stand up, step in, and speak out for others and for what’s right.

Everyone benefits from this conversation —  no matter their age or roles in life. Being a bystander is a human being phenomenon. The same goes for showing courageous leadership!

This keynote is perfectly suited for schools, organizations, communities and companies. Mike will do the work to customize his message for the demographic make-up of your audience.

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