Two of Mike's passions are speaking and baseball. So, maybe this is why something a Hall of Fame Speaker said at his first National Speakers Association convention has stuck with him to this day. Patricia Fripp said...


"You can be a good speaker or a home run speaker!"


Mike has never forgotten this and uses it as a key motivator to be a professional speaker who always strives to hit every speech out of the park for his clients and his audiences. While he will not yet claim to have this mastered, he has spent the last 12 years developing his own speaking skill set and now wants to share what he has learned with you.  

Mike's coaching is a cross between life coaching and speaker coaching. Mike truly believes that it's not enough to simply know the fundamentals of speaking — it also takes dealing with ourselves and our own fears of speaking.

Mike does not coach the truth — nothing he says is the "right" way to be a speaker or run your speaking business. He has an ego but he's not that egotistical. He simply shares what he has learned and his perspectives on what he believes it takes to be a Home Run Speaker. 

"Mike Dilbeck is a phenomenal speaking coach, life advisor, and friend. As a new speaker, I was overwhelmed with every aspect of developing a solid foundation from which to build my career; however, Mike walked me through every aspect of the process of establishing oneself as a professional speaker — from creating a personal brand to fine tuning my message — and gave me the confidence to tackle any challenges I may face as I continue to share my story with others."

Analise Sinclair
Professional Speaker



  • Have you always wanted to be more comfortable and confident speaking in front of groups of people?
  • Do you let fear stop you from public speaking?
  • Do you want to take your public speaking to the next level and become a Home Run Speaker?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Mike has created this opportunity for you to achieve what you want as a public speaker. As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and speaker coach, he may be the perfect coach for you to fulfill your intentions in the area of public speaking.

Whether it’s speaking style, use of PowerPoint, attire, platform movement, storytelling, presentation composition, use of voice, or any of the many things to master in the art of public speaking, he will provide the following…

You will see a noticeable improvement in your ability to...

  • Speak with confidence in front of a group of people
  • Speak with clarityand simplicity in presenting your intended message
  • Speak with power and inspiration as you tell your personal story and/or the story of your organization/company
  • Speak with professionalism in the way you present yourself (attire) and your visuals (PowerPoint)


Here are the various coaching services offered by Mike...

Online Training

Online videos and materials covering the fundamentals of speaking, including the 10 "never do" habits of speakers, and more.

1-on-1 Coaching

One-on-one phone time customized to your respective needs and level of speaking — will create intended outcomes together.

Full Day with Mike

You can spend a full day with Mike — an in-person experience with a specific agenda and actions to accomplish together.

Your coaching partnership with Mike will center on a package consisting of online, one-on-one, and/or full-day sessions, along with special bonuses.  Upon completion, you and Mike can then look at whether you want to continue your relationship.  

Mike will provide all coaching, consulting, advising, and training you need to elevate your speaking and presentation skills.  This will include Skype and phone conversations as well as in-person meetings (included in the top-level package).

He will provide private, one-on-one sessions designed to work with you on your respective strengths and weaknesses, “hang-ups,” and biggest fears and concerns regarding speaking. He will utilize effective life coaching methods to work through these in order to experience a newfound sense of self and confidence. He will also work with you on your storytelling ability — the true gem to powerful speaking. He will use and share his own personal experiences from years in the professional field of speaking, as well as the vast amount of education and resources he used over these years (Experts Academy, World’s Greatest Speaker TrainingNational Speakers Association conferences, and others). 

Finally, Mike is 100% committed that you be a satisfied coaching client. If you do not get 100% of the value you expect to get, Mike will provide whatever is necessary to make sure your expectations are fulfilled. 

Inquire about Coaching

Ask about Mike's no-obligation session to explore what's possible with you and your speaking!


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