We Just Want to Belong

by Matt Mattson, Co-Creator of The Social Excellence Project

Note: this is a re-publish from the original post on the Social Excellence Project blog.

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You're one of us, aren't you? You're a people person. But you get that being a “people person” isn’t just about being chatty and smiley and super-duper nice, it’s about transforming the world through relationships.  You're one of those people who understands that HUMAN CONNECTION is the key to everything. You're one of those people who understands that humans are social animals, and we're all deeply longing for real, meaningful, deep-spirited connection in all aspects of our life. You're one of those people who understands that the secret to creating the world you want is found in your ability to connect. You're one of us. We are people people. And you found our show.

Mike Dilbeck’s name has become synonymous with the idea of “bystander intervention” in some circles. He’s established himself as a guru who helps people and organizations make courageous choices in their lives.

From Mike’s website: “Mike is leading a call for courage and a demand for dignity — empowering us to go beyond fear and shame by standing up, stepping in, and speaking out while also honoring the dignity of others…and ourselves.

“He calls on us to take “response ability” and react to any everyday life issue by going beyond our shame and fear to show courage and honor dignity in momentary choices. Mike is on a mission to change the way individuals, organizations, companies, and communities react when someone is being adversely impacted by inappropriate, abusive, or unhealthy behavior.”

In this episode, Mike and Matt vulnerably talk through those moments from our past that shape us… those moments that shake our very sense of human dignity… those moments like the one in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot… those moments like the one walking home from Pizza Hut… those moments like the one in Macy’s… (listen to the show, you’ll know what we’re talking about).

We all just want to belong, and when moments happen in our life that threaten our feeling of belonging, they change us.

Enjoy this episode, and thanks for listening to the show!

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