Affinity’s FindGreek Becomes Title Sponsor of DignityU, Helping Greek Organizations and Campus Communities Reinforce a Culture of Dignity


Carlsbad, CA, February 19, 2018 – Affinity Consultants’ recent creation, FindGreek, the largest and most diverse source of quality licensed fraternity and sorority products anywhere on the internet, announced today its principled and financial support of DignityU, a powerful and critically important educational program designed to promote the inherent value and worth of others. Modeled after the work of, and endorsed by, Dr. Donna Hicks, the preeminent global authority on the concept of dignity, DignityU explores and addresses the root cause of problems that plague society and impact college communities, like hazing, sexual violence and substance abuse. Sponsoring organizations of DignityU are fully equipped to educate, engage and empower their members through a comprehensive platform of workshops, online curriculum, provocative videos and effective tools that take participants on a transformative journey to ensure that dignity is always at the forefront of their interactions and actions.

Dan Shaver, president and founder of Affinity Consultants, adds, “Our company was founded to protect the dignity of our clients’ trademark rights, ensuring that the lofty principles the trademarks represent are reinforced in the products that contain them. Supporting DignityU is a natural extension of our business, as helping our clients create a positive and productive culture of mutual respect and human dignity within their communities is essential for the long term vitality and health of the entire system. We agree with Dr. Hicks’ when she says, ‘Learning about dignity is not an option. It is a human imperative’. We are proud to invest in DignityU and to help our clients meet this imperative through this timely and compelling program.”

Mike Dilbeck, Founder and Executive Producer, says, “Affinity is the ideal partner for us as they have been a strong advocate of Greek organizations and college communities for over 20 years. Their FindGreek platform was a natural title sponsor for our program because its mission is to deliver quality products to members that reflect the dignity of their organizations.”


Founded by Mike Dilbeck -- a renowned filmmaker, speaker, and social entrepreneur -- DignityU is currently sponsored and co-produced by a growing list of more than 20 visionary national and international fraternity and sorority organizations who are committed to engaging their chapters and members in a quest to honor the dignity inherent within each of us. DignityU gets straight to the root cause of many dangerous and destructive behaviors that harm relationships and organizations. Modeled after Mike’s most recent, award-winning program on bystander intervention -- RESPONSE ABILITY -- DignityU will consist of an immersive list of key components including streaming videos, online training, social media campaigns, keynote presentations, and more. For information and a current list of sponsoring organizations, visit DignityU.com.

FindGreek & Affinity Consultants

Founded in 1997, Affinity Consultants represents the brand interests and manages the licensing programs for 131 organizations, including leading fraternities, sororities, honorary societies, membership-based organizations and trade associations. FindGreek is the first website and mobile app built exclusively for Greek members to shop for licensed products. FindGreek currently hosts more than 40,000 high quality products, 11,000 monthly active users, 19,000 registered members from more than 1,000 universities. To learn more, visit www.FindGreek.com or www.GreekLicensing.com.



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