Mike Dilbeck is a social entrepreneur, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), and expert on the topics of dignity, courage, and integrity. 

Mike believes that way too many people are being torn down rather than built up. These violations of dignity in our world lead to disengagement, not feeling worthy, and retaliation.

He believes that the impact of inaction is that way too many people are being mistreated, abused, violated, and even killed, while others look on and do nothing. Or, don’t do enough.

He believes that we must create a culture of integrity and honor our word...no matter what!

The personal impact of inaction, violations of dignity, and lack of integrity is fear and shame, accompanied by low self-esteem and lack of confidence, along with a life that doesn't work.

The impact on businesses and organizations is a lack of workability, low morale, low productivity, attrition/turnover, tarnished public image, legal costs, and simply unhappy people.


Mike is on a mission to ensure that every person knows they are valuable and worthy.

He calls on us to always lift others up rather than tear them down — to always treat them as though they matter...because they do!

He calls on us to change the way individuals, organizations, companies, and communities react when someone is being adversely impacted by inappropriate, abusive, or unhealthy behavior — whether it's bullying, hazing, sexual violence, discrimination, or any life issue.

He calls on us to always operate with integrity by honoring our word...no matter what.

This mission is to be fulfilled...

In organizations. In business. In community. In life.

For colleagues. For family. For friends. For strangers.

As a filmmaker and video producer for over 30 years, Mike produced a film in 2008 that would change the course of his career — and his life. RESPONSE ABILITY: A Call for Courageous Leadership, the award-winning educational program on bystander intervention for 40 organizations and over 350 college campuses, immediately became a distinct and special project. This one struck a chord. This one caused a demand. This one sparked a movement.

After several years of leading this movement for bystander empowerment — and personally surviving two types of cancer — Mike launched a new project in 2018: DignityU. Here, Mike educates and empowers us all to make the choice in every interaction to build someone up rather than tear them down. To honor dignity — our inherent birthright to feel valuable and worthy.

At the request of a client — the American Cancer Society — Mike then created a new program on integrity. After delivering this powerful keynote at their national leadership summit, he was struck by the extraordinary opportunity of defining and empowering others around the virtue of integrity — honoring our word...no matter what.

The reasons why these three conversations are so critical have showed up in each of the nearly 4,000 stories he has accumulated from his keynote audiences. Each story is heartbreaking. Each story is filled with the shame and regret from not intervening in a moment of need or having our dignity violated. Each story points to the pain we carry with us for the rest of our lives…pain that determines whether we will ever stick our neck out again and show courage or honor dignity. The impact of someone not keeping their promises or honoring their word. Pain that impacts our own confidence and self-esteem.

Now, as a filmmaker-turned-advocate, Mike delivers hope for a new world through these three movements. He speaks frequently for organizations, campuses, companies and communities — delivering his powerful, yet challenging, keynotes to audiences of all sizes. When not speaking, he is writing, training others, or creating the next big thing.

In 2015, Mike was designated a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the National Speakers Association. The CSP is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform competence. He now coaches others who aspire to elevate their speaking skills and competence in their own lives.


"My only disappointment about Mike's keynote is that every employee of Pepsico wasn't able to hear it!"

Tom Greco
Former CEO of Pepsico/Frito Lay North America
A Little More About Mike...

Mike has both Bachelor of Fine Arts in Speech Communication and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees from TCU in Ft. Worth, Texas. Needless to say, Mike is a die-hard TCU fan! 

In 1990, after serving for two years as Assistant Executive Director for Sigma Nu International Fraternity and producing more than 20 video programs and two international conventions for the fraternity, Mike established a reputation for creating and producing effective and powerful video presentations and special events. After working with executives from other organizations, Mike realized there was a market needing his skills and expertise. BECK & CO. was founded to provide high-end video/film and special event production services for its clients. Since 1990, Mike has produced over 60 educational, promotional and fundraising video presentations for clients and won numerous awards. 

In 2008, he shifted his focus from producing videos to speaking full-time for campuses, companies, and communities across this country. Mike has presented over 350 keynote speeches and provides over 100 workshops in this time. 

Mike now also serves as the Director of Marketing and Development for the Turtle Creek Chorale in Dallas, Texas — the most recorded male chorus in the world.

On a personal note, Mike lives in Dallas, Texas. He has run six marathons, three half marathons and cycled in 12 long-distance AIDS Rides around the country.

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