Our society is hungry for a real conversation about what stops us — all of us— from intervening in critical moments of time to support, take care of, and protect someone in need. In other words: to show courage.

We are also hungry to be lifted up rather torn down to have our dignity honored and to honor the value and worth of others.

Mike Dilbeck is the one to bring out these conversations and to raise them to a new level.

He's not a therapist. He's not a psychologist. He's not an academician. He's a filmmaker-turned-advocate who works with people to prevent, end, or at least diminish problem situations and honor the dignity of every human. He is just a real human being leading a real conversation designed to inspire us, empower us, and move us to action.

From Mike...

Whether you want to impact bullying — in schools and in the workplace — or protect someone from sexual harassment or violence, or you want to stand up against inappropriate language and hate speech, or intervene in someone's abuse of drugs or alcohol, or just prepare yourself and others to be able to make the difference you want to make in any everyday issue, this is the perfect conversation! Whether you want to have others honor your dignity or empower yourself to honor the value and worth of every human, we should talk!

There are several programs on courage and dignity  available to create this conversation with your campus, community or company. While these are topics suitable for any age group and all roles in life, Mike will work with you to customize this message based on the demographics of your audience.

Two Related but Different Topics



In this powerful keynote, Mike not only defines dignity and makes it real for the audience, but also share the ten essential elements of dignity. The key intention is that every person leave with a commitment to building others up rather than tearing them down.

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This challenging yet inspiring keynote has us all look at problem situations in life and whether we are a passive or powerful bystander. The key intention is that people leave with a commitment to stand up, step in, and speak out for others and for what's right. 

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"My only disappointment about Mike's keynote is that every employee of Pepsico wasn't able to hear it!"

Tom Greco
CEO of Pepsico/Frito Lay North America
Top 10 Reasons to Book Mike:

  1. Strong focus on courageethics, responsible decision-making, and dignity.
  2. Is the only professional speaker offering the topics of courage and dignity.
  3. Will reveal a need your audience members don't even know they have.
  4. Will meet this need by providing the audience with the three approaches for showing courage and the ten essential elements of dignity.
  5. As an opening keynote, gets the audience thinking right out of the gate and creates a powerful frame of mind for the rest of your conference.
  6. As a closing keynote, reinforces your themes and empowers your audience to go back to their communities and take actions to make a difference.
  7. Actively involves your audience through live polling and short answers.
  8. Presents a universal message — customized to your specific group.
  9. Combines real, compelling stories with practical knowledge and opportunities for action.
  10. Totally committed to making the meeting planner (that’s you!) the hero of your event!


To inquire about booking Mike to speak to your audience, you can call him directly at +1 773 484 9072 or fill out the form below.


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